Herbs to Flavour and Savour

Reliable, easy to grow in the smallest of spaces, beautifully fragrant and useful too! If you grow nothing else on your windowsill or patio, or in your garden, you can’t go wrong with a few herbs.

You’ll find all the growing information you need in Grow your own fruit & veg in plot, pots or growbags, plus here’s some useful links to herb sites.




The Herb Society

The Herb Society is an internationally recognised organisation that aims to increase the understanding, use and appreciation of herbs and their benefits to health. Appealing to both amateurs and professionals, it is a UK-based charity but has members worldwide and its website offers a range of information, in particular on cosmetic and medicinal uses of herbs. You'll find them at www.herbsociety.org.uk.

Let’s Go Gardening

A site with all kinds of gardening information, there’s a particularly useful herbs section including all kinds of information plant varieties, growing herbs, knot gardens and raised beds. Visit www.letsgogardening.co.uk/Herbs.htm.

Growing Herbs

Dedicated to all things herbal, you’ll find the history of herbs and their culture and propagation, as well as types of herbs at www.growingherbs.org.uk.

Mad About Herbs

For a blog by Madeleine Giddens that shares her passion for herbs and what she’s learnt about growing them and their culinary and health benefits, visit http://madaboutherbs.org.

Garden Organic

You may want to focus on the old-fashioned varieties of herb, and you will find many in your local garden centre. However, you will also find seeds and plants available from specialist suppliers that may offer more unusual options, including some organic seeds.

Garden Organic is the catalogue for organic and environmentally friendly gardeners – organic seeds for herbs and vegetables – including heritage and modern varieties – as well as other gardening products. Visit www.organiccatalogue.com/.

Heritage Plants

Heritage Plants sell all kinds of rare plants and seeds, including a few herbs, such as lettuce leaf basil. Visit http://heritageplants.co.uk.

Garden Marketplace

This directory offers you links to herb farms and suppliers throughout the UK, as well as all kinds of gardening supplies. Visit www.garden-marketplace.co.uk.


You can also buy your seeds from major suppliers such as Unwins at  www.unwins.co.uk.




You can also buy your seeds from major suppliers such as Suttons at www.suttons.co.uk.



Thompson & Morgan

Thomson & Morgan is a major seed supplier. Their website is at www.thompson-morgan.com.