Vegetable Varieties

Why not try some of these varieties for the great results in your garden or pots.

Artichokes: ‘Violetta Di Chioggia’ A stunning plant with silvery-grey foliage topped by dark purple flower buds instead of the usual green.

Asparagus: ‘Gijnlim’ A good variety that has outperformed others in growing trials. The spears appear from mid to late April and, being an all-male variety, it does not produce seeds, so there are no self-sown seedlings to weed out.


Aubergines: ‘Baby Rosanna’ Perfect compact plant for the patio, it produces small golf-ball sized black fruits throughout the summer. 

Beetroot: ‘Boltardy’ A very popular red beetroot ideal for early sowings and not prone to bolting. 

Brussels sprouts: ‘Cascade’ Has a Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit (AGM), meaning it performed well in trials at the RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey. Good in all weathers and resistant to mildew.

Cauliflowers: ‘All The Year Round’ As its name suggests it can be sown in autumn or spring to produce a long harvest. 

Carrots: ‘Autumn King 2’ A classic late-sowing, long-rooted carrot that will remain in good condition, once mature in the soil throughout the winter.

Celery: ‘Galaxy’ (‘Lathom Self Blanching’) Good-quality tender stems and not prone to bolting. This variety has an RHS Award of Garden Merit.

French beans: ‘Cobra’ A heavy-yielding climbing bean with round green pods about 18cm/7 in long.

Leeks: ‘Bandit’ A new variety that is described as outstanding for the garden. It has lovely dark green leaves and pure white stems and has been shown to have good resistance to bolting and rust.

Onions: ‘Ailsa Craig’ An old favourite that produces large bulbs. Great for showing, too.

Parsnips: ‘Dagger F1’ Has an Award of Garden Merit from the RHS. Smooth roots and good canker resistance – ideal for mini roots.

Peas: ‘Alderman’ A late maincrop variety that grows to about 1.5m/5ft high.

Potatoes: ‘Arran Pilot’ A very popular early potato with a fantastic new-potato flavour.

'Charlotte'  A long, oval salad potato, larger than other salad varieties, with a white skin and moist texture, the Charlotte is great for salads but can also be boiled or even roasted in its skin, giving a firm but delicious result.

'Juliette' Bred in France and tasting like a Jersey Royal, these are long, creamy salad potatoes with a firm texture and clean, delicate flavour. They give high yields and have good blight and eelworm resistance. Seeds potatoes are available from late November to mid March.

Radishes: ‘F1 Mantanghong’ Winter variety that has a red flesh and nutty flavour.

Runner beans: ‘Painted Lady’ A classic variety producing unusual bi-coloured red and white flowers.

Squashes: Butternut ‘Avalon’ A wonderfully flavoured butternut with a trailing habit and good long-term storage.

Tomatoes: ‘Ferline’ A must for gardeners who have problems with tomato blight, as it has good resistance to this fungal disease.

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