This includes all the leafy green vegetables like spinach, spring (collard) greens, kale and curly kale, young Swiss chard and pak soi (a dark green oriental leaf with a thick, white stem). It also includes wild leaves such as sorrel, dandelions and nettles.

To prepare and boil greens

  1. Remove any damaged or discoloured leaves. Separate the leaves to be cooked, discarding any thick stalks.
  2. Rinse in cold water and drain.
  3. Cut or tear the leaves into pieces or thin shreds as appropriate.
  4. Cook as for brassicas, pushing down in the boiling water as they soften. For spinach, wash well but add no water to the pan while cooking.

To steam greens

  1. Prepare as for boiling.
  2. Steam as for brassicas.
  3. Cover and cook until just tender.