Pods and Cobs

These include all the fresh peas and beans – garden peas, mangetout (snow peas), sugar snap peas, runner beans, the many varieties of thin, green beans, broad (fava) beans, flat beans, okra (ladies’ fingers) and whole sweetcorn (corn), both large and baby cobs.

To prepare and boil pods and cobs

  1. Trim baby corn cobs, top and tail okra, beans and mangetout. Shell broad beans and peas. String and cut runner beans in thin, diagonal slices. Cut thin, green, flat beans and okra into pieces as required.
  2. Cook as for brassicas until just tender – about 3 minutes for mangetout and baby corn cobs, 5–6 minutes for beans or peas, depending on age. Corn-on-the-cob should be cooked until a kernel will come away from the husk easily – about 20 minutes.

To steam pods and cobs

  1. Prepare as for boiling.
  2. Place in an layer in a steamer or colander over a pan of simmering water.
  3. Cook until just tender.