Growing Vegetables

You can have a huge amount of fun growing your own vegetables – not to mention the healthy activity, the healthy produce – free from any of the chemicals that bedevil so much of our supermarket produce – and with the intense flavours you remember from childhood.

Here are some top common-sense tips for planning to get the best out of your plot – whatever its size.

  • It is worth spending a little time planning your plot. It may seem  unproductive but you will find it saves you a great deal of time and ensures that you grow the right vegetables for your needs. Think about your family favourites and start by growing what you like best.
  • Think about the times you will be harvesting your crops so you spread them through the year as much as possible and avoid gluts.
  • Don’t start with too large a plot unless you are sure you have not only the time but also the inclination to put in the work required. It doesn’t have to be hard work but it could feel like it if you aim too high too soon.
  • Just as with decorating, you need to do the preparation, so preparing the ground before you plant is important. You will find everything much easier   if you have cleared the ground and dug it well.
  • Buy seeds and plants from reputable suppliers and choose varieties that suit the soil and aspect of your plot.
  • Think about storing, preserving, freezing or drying in advance of any gluts so you know what you are going to do with your extra produce.


There are many gardening sites full of useful information, but a great  place to start is the Royal Horticultural Society at