Your Small Garden

Here are a few top tips to help you get the best out a small vegetable plot.

  • When space is at a premium, you need to be selective, so sit down and think about the crops you would most like to have for your kitchen. A little advance planning will be a great benefit.
  • Look at the ideal growing space plants need – you’ll find loads of information in Grow your own fruit & veg in plot, pots & growbags – and be realistic about what will suit your plot. Sweetcorn is probably not your best choice!
  • It is a great idea to grow just one or two plants – tomatoes, for example. There’s no need to try to rival your local farmers’ market.
  • Many vegetables have dwarf varieties that are ideal for smaller spaces.
  • You may even decide simply to intersperse your vegetables in your flower borders. Why not? Many vegetable plants are just as beautiful as the flowers.
  • Above all, this is about growing things for enjoyment and to benefit from the healthiest, freshest produce with the best flavours, so plant just what you like and you can’t go far wrong!